Stealaway Price Sheet

Board includes horse/s fed up to 4x/day, watered daily, daily turnout, blanket changing, scheduling vet/farrier visits and ordering smartpaks and/or other supplements. All boarders are required to pay a minumum of $250 in additional services each month. These services include but are not limited to lessons, training, training rides, and/or shows. These services are billed monthly. 


• Private: $65 (Pack of 4: $250)
• Semi-Private: $55
 Group: $45
 Lesson Horse Rental: $20 (additional to lesson/package fees)
• Haul in fee: $20
• Use of the track: $20 (no additional haul in fee)

• Starter Package for New Riders: (Please inquire for prices)
• Includes Hands On Instruction during  all phases of the lesson.
• Grooming, Tacking Up, Riding and after care will all be included during each session.
• IDEAL for beginners and first time riders. 

 Training: Personalized to each horse and rider to meet individual goals. 
  • Training Ride: $50
  • ​Training Packages: full and partial training available
  • Bootcamp: $75/day (all inclusive)
    • ​Good for green and/or problem horses
  • Off-site Training/Lesson fee:  Inquire about pricing (billed per horse per visit)
  • Rehab training/care: Billed per horse per situation (base price monthly board is $1050)

Cancellation Policy

All lessons require a minimum of 24 hours' notice of cancellation. One proper cancellation per month can be rescheduled. More than one cancellation with less than 24 hours' notice will be charged full price for the missed lesson(s). 

Horse Sales
  • Commission: 15% of purchase or lease price (non-negotiable)
  • If a horse is not bought within 6 months there is a $500 fee.

Basic Horse Show Prices

• Professional/Training Fee: $70/day 

• Daily Care & Show Prep:
• Basic: $30/day (stalls cleaned, water and feeding)
• Full Service: $75/day (Includes basic care plus bathing, lunging, horse ring ready, unbraiding, wrapping)

• Show Expenses
  • Set Up/Tear Down Fee: $40/Show
  • Lunging: $15/lunge (if on basic care)
  • Professional ride per class: $35
  • Professional ride per division: $125
  • Laundry:
    • $20/horse (Local/within 100 miles)
    • $35 (away)

 Split Show Expenses: split between each  HORSE at the show.
• Trainer/Staff Hotel
• Trainer/Staff Food
• Trainer golf cart rental
• Hay, Shavings, Feed (paid directly to the horse show/vendor)

• Personal Show Expenses: expenses to keep in mind 

• Show Entry Fees
• Braiding
• Vet
• Farrier
• Supplements
• Meds and/or special supplies (for safety and legalities, no one can medicate their own horse on horse show or farm property)
• Parking passes
• Golf cart
• Lodging
• Flights
• Hauling (Approx. $1.25/mile)