Jumping Clinic with Angela Moore

Date: May 7th & 8th
Save your space NOW for our May Jumping Clinic!​

Stealaway Farm is proud to host a Jumping Clinic open to riders of all levels on May 7th and 8th, 2016.

Morning Session: Green Horse/Beginner Jumper Riders (Fence height up to 2'6")
Mid Morning Session: Intermediate Riders (Fence height up to 3')
Afternoon Session: Advanced Riders (Fence height up to 3'6")

Lunch will be provided by Stealaway Farm

$100 per session for riders

FREE AUDITING! Bring a chair and join us for a GREAT day of training advice from Angela Moore

Angela Moore is a true believer of "simple things done well." With her simple program and teaching method, you'll learn invaluable resources to improve your jumping rounds.

Key topics include: 

• Lengthening in balance and shortening with impulsion for a clean round
• The use of gymnastic work for both horse and rider's balance and correct position
• Using balance and position for secure turns

Clinics with Angela are a unique experience. Angela cares deeply about each horse and rider and their unique problems that they bring to the clinic. With years of experience in riding, training, and horse care, her education-based teaching method brings strong results. Perhaps most importantly, Angela focuses on a POSITIVE experience for both horse and rider.