1. Pony Rides at Stealaway
    Caroline and Bandit
  2. Learning to tack up
    Lesson Time
  3. Happy Horseback Riders
    Girls just gotta have fun!
  4. Showjumping
    Maria and Bella
  5. Happy Summer Camper
    Look at that smile!
  6. Horseback Riding in Central Ohio
    Beautiful day for a ride
  7. George Morris and Maria
    Maria with George Morris
  8. Horseshowing
    Avery Hinson riding Rios Reflection
  9. Summer Camps in Central Ohio
    Happy Campers with Milo
  10. Horseback Riding
    Stealaway Sweeties!
  11. Beginner Riding Lessons
    On the Move
  12. Central Ohio Horseshowing
    Lisa Hinson and Galliano - Blue Ribbon Smile!
  13. Stealaway Riders
    Stealaway Rocks Roberts Arena!
  14. Central Ohio Summer Camp
    Team Norman - Stealaway Summer Camp
  15. Horseback Riding Ohio
    Ava at the Equivents Banquet
  16. Riding Instructors Ohio
    Our Trainers After a fun day of Showing
  17. Horseback Riding Ohio
    Samantha Ackley on Lando
  18. Riding Lessons Ohio
    Outdoor Lessons are so much FUN!
  19. Central Ohio Horseshowing
    Happy Faces at Country Heir!
  20. Stealaway Staff
    Israel & Manuel - Amazing Staff!
  21. Stealaway Farm
    Fun at Stealaway Farm!
  22. Horseshowing Ohio
    Maria Moore is all Smiles!
  23. Horseback Riding
    Ava in the zone
  24. Horseshowing
    Alexis Palmer on Arizona
  25. Ohio Horseback Riding
    What fun! Arizona and Alexis Jumping
  26. Horseshow
    Ava and Beamer with their Blue!
  27. Horseshow
    Ava on KC Keep it Cool - Glowing with Pride!
  28. Stealaway Riders
    Stealaway Crew - Brownland Champs!
  29. Stealaway Riders Showing
    Stealaway Rocks Wilmington!
  30. Riding in Central Ohio
    Congrats, Kate! Bronze Medal at Young Riders!
  31. Showjumping
    Kate Morrison and Lancer
  32. Riding Instructor Central Ohio
    Mandy and Maria Moore!
  33. Mandy Patterson
    Trainer Mandy Patterson and P'zazz
  34. Mandy Patterson
    Happy Mandy and Zindane
  35. Horseshowing Ohio
    Maria Moore and Aaron
  36. Showjumping
    Maria Riding Carrera
  37. Showjumping
    Lucy and Maria are all focus!
  38. Horseshowing
    Maria Moore at Country Heir
  39. Stealaway Riders
    Rushing towards the ribbons!
  40. Stealaway Inc
    The Palmers and the Merckers having some fun!
  41. Riding in Ohio
  42. Grand Prix
    Ready for the Grand Prix!
  43. Horseshowing in Ohio
    Davina Beck and Trueman - a great team!
  44. Horseshow Barn in Ohio
    Davina and Calliope
  45. Horseback Riding Ohio
    Fabulous Mother-Daughter Team!
  46. Ohio Show Barns
    Giving some love after a day of showing!
  47. Horseback Riding Ohio
    What a striking horse!
  48. Horseshowing
    Big Smiles in the Ring!